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Get Your Legs Spring-Ready!

Even before winter releases its icy grasp, our minds shift to spring. We begin dreaming of days at the park, lazy afternoons lounging around the pool, and evenings spent firing up the barbecue. Retailers stock their shelves with shorts, tops, sundresses, swimsuits and sandals. While most of us look forward to the warmer months, those […]

Eliminating Health Insurance Confusion

Varicose veins, spider veins and other conditions cause tremendous suffering for people from all walks of life. Women and men, old and young, active and sedentary – no one is immune from vein disease. Sadly, many people don’t seek relief from these issues because they don’t realize vein treatment is typically covered by insurance. Often, […]

Lean on insurance to cover vein treatment

Navigating health insurance can feel confusing and overwhelming, to the point that we get discouraged from seeking or scheduling care for important issues. Conditions such as varicose veins cause pain and discomfort, but, more importantly, these issues – if left untreated – can develop into more serious medical problems (such as life-threatening blood clots). That’s […]

Met your deductible? Come see us

Vein Treatment Options If unsightly leg veins kept you from enjoying summer fun, now’s the time to take action. Vein disease is a serious medical condition where our veins don’t properly return blood from the legs back to the heart. It’s progressive and will worsen over time if left untreated. Fall is a great time […]

Movement in Your Job for Better Leg Vein Health

Whether you work in an office or on a factory floor, your job likely dictates how much sitting and standing you do on a regular basis. We’ve all read the news about the dangers of sitting and how it increases the risk for chronic issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Some of the same […]

Prioritize leg vein health in the summertime heat

The increased temperatures of summer have finally hit after a rainy, cooler spring. That warmer weather is a reminder to prioritize leg vein health, especially because your legs will likely be more exposed in shorts and swimsuits. Conditions such as heat stroke and sunburns might be more top of mind this time of year, but […]

Gilvydis Vein Clinic Expands Team

Gilvydis Vein Clinic, a top local provider of leading-edge, nonsurgical treatments for leg vein issues, including varicose and spider veins, has expanded its team by adding Stephanie Wright and Ilia Jakel. Wright joined Gilvydis Vein Clinic as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. In her role, Wright uses her expertise to review patient’s medical images, providing insight for […]

Blood Clot Awareness Month: Spread The Word

March is blood clot awareness month!  According to the CDC, someone in the U.S. dies of a blood clot every 6 minutes. In fact, each year, more people lose their lives to blood clots than AIDS, breast cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined. March is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month. Also known as Blood […]

Gilvydis Vein Clinic Vein Granted Accreditation

Gilvydis Vein Clinic (GVC), a leading local provider of leading-edge, nonsurgical treatments for leg vein issues, announced today it has been granted a three-year term of accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Vascular Testing in the area of vein ultrasounds. Accreditation by the IAC in Vascular Testing in the area of vein ultrasounds. […]