Vein Diagnosis with Vein Mapping

State-of-the-art ultrasound is vital to optimal outcomes.

Vein mapping is an essential part of the diagnosis of venous disease . . . and of today’s advanced treatments. Evaluation usually begins with a screening, in which we’ll review an individual’s concerns and discuss symptoms. But the actual confirmation (or elimination) of the presence of venous insufficiency/disease is done with ultrasound.

Advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Ultrasound uses high-frequency soundwaves to “see” inside the body to evaluate vein function. Using the latest generation of advanced ultrasound capabilities, our certified/accredited ultrasound technologists measure blood flow. This allows Dr. Gilvydis to identify areas where blood is not being sufficiently returned to the heart, which indicates venous disease.

The “mapping” portion of the ultrasound exam enables us to see and understand the relationship of the insufficient veins with normally functioning veins. Mapping is also vitally important to determining a strategy for minimally invasive treatments, permitting Dr. Gilvydis to plan his endovenous (“inside-the-vein”) access to the areas that need to be treated.

If you have vein symptoms, don’t wait to get help.

Remember, if your symptoms are related to vein disease, they are likely to worsen. That’s because venous insufficiency, the failure of those little tiny valves inside the vein, is progressive. So get evaluated. And be sure your ultrasound exam is performed by an accredited technologist and interpreted by a highly experienced vein care professional like Rimas Gilvydis, MD.

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